The Tower of Babel and Other Stories From…
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The Tower of Babel and Other Stories From the Bible

The Tower of Babel and Other Stories From the Bible

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  • Date de parution : 16/04/2015
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Discover a richly illustrated children's version of the world's most read book: the Bible

In this third book, find out about the the tower of Babel, Abraham's calling, Abraham's journey, Ismael's birth, Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot ans his family .

The world lived at peace since the alliance between God and living beings, after they had left the Ark. However, very soon afterwards, men and women forgot this alliance and found a vast, unoccupied land. They decided to build a city that will later be called "Babel", which means "confusion".

This collection is perfect for young readers (6-10 years old) to discover the greatest stories and the most important charachters from the Bible.

Discover all the most important stories from the Old Testament in this new collection:

• Adam and Eve • Noah's Ark • The Tower of Babel • Isaac's Sacrifice • Joseph, Prince of Egypt • Moses and the Ten Commandments • Samson and Delilah • David and Goliath ... and many more!

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