The Samurai Cartoon Armies!
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The Samurai Cartoon Armies!

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  • Date de parution : 25/02/2022
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Fran Guil returns with a new visual and informative work. This time we travel to Sengoku-jidai Japan, the Country at War (16th century), where they fight day in and day out. The samurai are at their peak, but are these famous warriors really what we think they are? Are they really guided by bushido? Is the katana really the soul of the samurai? Sengoku samurai or Edo samurai - which is the real thing? Amusing, full-colour vignettes illustrate in detail the appearance and the most diverse situations of these legendary warriors. We will discover the real protagonists of the battlefields of the time: the ashigarus (light-footed). Sieges, battles, Mongols, warrior monks, samurai women, Korea, the arrival of the Portuguese, the arquebus, the recipe for oniguiri. And we'll still find time to talk about ninjas! In the same vein as the previous The Late Roman Cartoon Army! (2020), this book is short, succinct and entertaining. The protagonists are undoubtedly the more than 50 drawings that, accompanied by an explanatory text, make up the chapters of the book. In this case, the reference to films reinforces this visual work.

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