The Baby seed mystery
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The Baby seed mystery

  • Albin Michel
  • Date de parution : 20/08/2014
E-book – Epub fixed layout – Contenu protégé

Little Paul has found out how babies are made. But his parents tell him:
- Sweetie, with you it was a bit different. We don't know how to explain it to you...

Luckily his friends the owl, the elephant, the lizard and the penguin can explain the mystery of different medical techniques that help parents have beautiful babies.

This is an essential book for children who want to know the story of their birth. And for parents - a mummy and a daddy, or two mummies, or two daddies - to be able to fi nd the words necessary to explain love, conception and assisted reproduction in an easy manner.

Serge Tisseron is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He is famous for his research about our relationship with images and for his essays on family secrets and emotions. He also writes comic books.

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  • Date de parution : 20/08/14
  • Éditeur : Albin Michel
  • EAN : 9782226312259
  • Format : Epub fixed layout
  • Nombre de pages: 40

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  • Epub fixed layout
  • Protection numérique : Contenu protégé