Max the Penguin
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Max the Penguin

  • Caramel
  • Date de parution : 29/01/2020
E-book – ePub – pas de protection
Age: From 4 years old

This bedtime story about wild animals is perfect for young children and early readers

Through this short story, children will go on a marvelous adventure while discovering the sealife and the wonders of love.

Max loves his family, but it is now time for him to discover the world. Along with his friends, he will go through a long journey and meet incredible animals like leopard seals, a whale and seals. But most of all, another adventure is waiting for him: meeting his great love…

Thanks to the Amazing Journey series and the adventures of Max, Zaki, Tara and Cindy, four baby animals, children will learn about animal migration while enjoying gorgeous illustrations.

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About Caramel Publishing:

Since 1993, Caramel Publishing has specialized in the creation of children’s books. Every year, they create unforgettable stories that are read by millions of children worldwide.

Today, their books are more available than ever thanks to the digital era.


It’s a freezing cold day at the South Pole. Penguins are playing together on the iceberg. Sliding on ice and diving into the water are their favourite hobbies.
Max the penguin enjoys the time with his crowded and noisy friends, they all wear an elegant black and white suit.

“I’m a grown up now and it’s time for me to move and discover the world”, he hugs his parents goodbye. Max joins a group of young penguins moving from the home iceberg to new lands.

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  • Date de parution : 29/01/20
  • Éditeur : Caramel
  • EAN : 9782511036327
  • Format : ePub

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