Joseph, Prince of Egypt and Other Stories…
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Joseph, Prince of Egypt and Other Stories From the Bible

Joseph, Prince of Egypt and Other Stories From the Bible

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  • Date de parution : 16/04/2015
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Discover a richly illustrated children's version of the world's most read book: the Bible

In this fifth book, find out about Joseph's life and the arrival of Hebrews in Egypt.

Joseph grew up surrounded by his brothers. He became a young, brave and lively shepherd. He worked alongside his brothers and was his father's favourite. Jacob was very proud of his first-born with Rachel. His brothers, seeing that their father loved him more than all the others, started hating him.

This collection is perfect for young readers (6-10 years old) to discover the greatest stories and the most importants charachters from the Bible.

Discover all the most important stories from the Old Testament in this new collection:

• Adam and Eve
• Noah's Ark
• The Tower of Babel
• Isaac's Sacrifice
• Joseph, Prince of Egypt
• Moses and the Ten Commandments
• Samson and Delilah
• David and Goliath
... and many more!

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