Isaac's Sacrifice and Other Stories From the Bible
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Isaac's Sacrifice and Other Stories From the Bible

Isaac's Sacrifice and Other Stories From the Bible

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  • Date de parution : 16/04/2015
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Discover a richly illustrated children's version of the world's most read book: the Bible

In this fourth book, find out about Isaac and Jacob's lives.

Sarah had been hoping for so long and had prayed to have a child. Ishmael was not the son she hoped and this led to arguments with her servant, Agar. God visited Sarah one day, as he promised, at the Oak of Mamre, one year previously. He kept his promise. Sarah conceived and gave birth to a child.

This collection is perfect for young readers (6-10 years old) to discover the greatest stories and the most important characters from the Bible.

Discover all the most important stories from the Old Testament in this new collection:

• Adam and Eve • Noah's Ark • The Tower of Babel • Isaac's Sacrifice • Joseph, Prince of Egypt • Moses and the Ten Commandments • Samson and Delilah • David and Goliath ... and many more!

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