Dangerous Liaisons: Desire
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Dangerous Liaisons: Desire

  • Mills & Boon
  • Date de parution : 03/12/2020
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Settling old scores When it comes to Rachel Lansing, Maxwell Case makes an exception to his take-no-prisoners approach. He'll keep this beauty as his assistant and settle old scores from their brief affair five years ago. But soon reignited passion burns away the clouds of mystery surrounding her past. Will their intimacy survive her secrets this time?•Damian Carver is determined to prosecute the woman who stole from his company, but when the culprit's sister, Violet Drew, begs for his mercy, he offers her the chance to earn her sister's freedom…become his temporary mistress! Only the cold-hearted CEO isn't prepared for sweet-natured Violet to turn the tables on his sensuous brand of blackmail….•A single night of pure, unadulterated passion was strictly a one-off for Alicia Teller and Nikolai Korovin. Alicia was certainly not expecting to see Nikolai in the boardroom on Monday morning! Nikolai's sleek composure is ruffled when he sees Alicia. But business and pleasure are not two things this legendary tycoon ever mixes…until now!

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  • Date de parution : 03/12/20
  • Éditeur : Mills & Boon
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