7 Questions: Explaining Coronavirus to Children
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7 Questions: Explaining Coronavirus to Children

  • Fondation Ipsen BookLab
  • Date de parution : 28/05/2020
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Welcome to this new issue of the "Family Corner" which aims to explain, in a simple way, the Coronavirus to children. This disease, which arrived recently in France, now requires the closure of schools, high schools, the stopping of football matches, shows, outings and many other activities.
It’s very difficult to understand, and that’s why Yannick tanguy, PhD, decided to bring it up. In order to do so, he is answering seven questions that a lot of children are asking today.


Yannick Tanguy, PhD in Neuroscience, has worked in various fields including gene therapy or neurodegenerative diseases. Today, at Fondation Ipsen, he works as a scientific communicator and develops various media (podcasts, publications, public lectures), thus sharing his passion and curiosity for science.

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